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Peter Clarke - PPG Proof Reading

Are you aware that documents you are sending out by post or by email attachment may contain errors that might damage your hard-earned reputation?

How much care do you take over the words that you use to conduct and promote your business? When someone reads what you’ve written and they spot a mistake, they will think less about your business and probably go elsewhere.

Can you afford for that to happen?

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Peter Clarke at PPG Proofreading can provide a professional copy-editing and proofreading service that will give you peace of mind safe in the knowledge that your written content will be accurate, professional looking and, above all, free from errors.

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“Peter’s skill at spotting the smallest of mistakes is of a real benefit to us.

We operate in an environment where everything we send out, either to our clients, or to the public in general, has to be right otherwise we risk looking unprofessional and potential clients may lose confidence in our abilities from the outset.

Peter is also able to provide a quick turnaround and this enables us to make any necessary changes before marketing materials or professional publications are sent out.

I would recommend Peter to any business that is in the same position as us. We cannot afford to get it wrong and this ‘second pair of eyes’ provides us with the reassurance we require before incurring costs of sending documents to print or publication. Helen Fanning - Swain & Co Solicitors

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Published: 27th April 2017

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