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Is it that time already ?

The following is a guest post from Business Builders member Colin Bielckus that was originally published on his blog.

Is it that time already?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

I’ve been very good – as all the management books say, I’ve blocked out an hour in the diary each week to write this blog. Same hour each week, regular as clockwork. Which is why, despite the fact that it is just after noon on Friday, it is now officially 3.00pm Thursday.

And now it’s half an hour later but that client payroll is correct, leaver paperwork attached and happy staff as the bonuses have been paid.

So what have I done this week and what have I learned?

The primary lesson this week is the same as every year on return from vacation – the world doesn’t stop because you were away so, a week of running around like a headless chicken later, it doesn’t seem like you’ve been away at all!

Next, those few non-client appointments, etc. you squeezed into your diary before you went away because they sounded interesting are probably half of the problem rather than the solution. But… if they work strategically with your long-term plan, take the pain because the longer period benefits will outweigh the short-term hassle.

A couple of “for instances” – made sure I booked on a course put on by Naomi in Portsmouth with a presentation by Daniel Priestley, around his concept of “Key Person of Influence” – a crash course on building your personal brand covering creating the perfect pitch, publishing your IP, productising your business, raising your profile and creating partnerships for mutual benefit. I’m sure I was born with an unhealthy level of cynicism but it was in fact a very useful and enjoyable afternoon and I took away a lot from the course, including oh bugger that means I have to write a book… Google him for more information, well worth a look.

Now I’m going for a walk. I mean to have a 20-30 minute brisk walk daily. It’s part of my technique for clearing the mind and creating wellbeing but, for reasons of appointments and weather, this is the first opportunity I’ve had all week.

That’s better! Brisk shirt sleeve walk in bright sunlight and the wind is so much gentler than earlier in the week. Blood flowing and a slightly raised heartbeat. Good.

Second “for instance”. Finally got round to having a proper one-to-one with my business friend Tina. What can turn out to be a conversation that peters out after 45-50 minutes became a brilliant discussion regarding wellbeing and the like that took in excess of two hours. In that some of the conversation paralleled the course of earlier in the week but came to potentially diametrically opposed conclusions was fascinating and just goes to prove there is no right way of doing things.

Shades of chaos theory – small changes in the initial condition can lead to vastly different outcomes, cue butterfly wings and hurricanes.

I think that’s enough for this week.

Final thought for the week – why do the wing mirrors on modern coaches look like insect antennae?

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