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Thank you for your interest in the Business Builder Directory.

Please fill in the information fully below for your Business Builders directory profile that will be included on our BB associates directory. Some of the information is required (you will not be able to submit the form without filling this in), some additional information (like testimonials) is optional, however it is in your best interest to complete the form as fully as possible in order to make best use of your profile to provide sufficient information for potential customers and also for best effect in search results.

All information submitted will be approved by Business Builders prior to publication. Business Builders reserve the right not to publish all or some data if it feels it is controversial, inaccurate or misleading or reflects badly on the Business Builder's image and reputation. We also reserve the right to remove any profile at any time.

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Your overview should cover "who you are", "what you do" and "how you can help" potential customers viewing your profile.

(if you need some help producing your overview, you might like to get some help from a "copywriter" from the directory)

Your business services (required)

List your main services here, We suggest you keep these short so that they are easily "scannable" for the reader e.g. Service 1, service 2, service 3. You can refer them to your website for more detailed information.

Your photo (required)

We feel that including your photo in your profile is important to establish your credibility to prospective customers who may require your services. Your photo should be a head and shoulders shot, .jpg format and be at least 220px by 220px in size please. If your image file is too large, you may experience problems uploading it in which case you will probably have to reduce the size (suggest 500px by 500px).

To upload your photo, click on the "browse" button below and use the file explorer to select your photo from your PC. When you have selected it you will see the file name displayed alongside the button.

(if you don't have a suitable photograph, why not have a look at our "Photographer" list in the directory)

Optional information

You can add two testimonials to your profile, just fill in the detail in the boxes below.

Please confirm that you have permission from the person to add their testimonial to this profile on the Business Builders website before adding it.

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