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business builders networking - Fareham

Business Builders

Meet hundreds of local businesses

Build relationships with business experts

business builders - fareham solent - networking
business builders networking - Fareham

Business Builders

Meet every week (Fareham or Portsmouth)

No joining fees

No annual fees

business builders - fareham solent - networking
business builders networking - Fareham

Business Builders

Now in Portsmouth AND Fareham

See our Events page

business builders - fareham solent - networking
Business Builders networking - xmas 2019

Photo courtesy of Penny Plimmer of Japics Photographic

Business Networking in Fareham and Langstone

Business Builders welcomes all business owners to structured, yet informal, breakfast meetings held regularly at Fareham and Langstone. Our purpose is to share ideas and expertise from a wide variety of markets and put those ideas into practice helping us to reach our business goals. We also have some fun along the way!

Business Builders was founded in 2011 by Malcolm Archibald. An ardent networker, he was often left disappointed by the structure and forced antics of myriad networks he attended over a number of years. Business Builders was formed with a core of like minded business owners who were keen to network in a friendly, straightforward, no-strings-attached way, being allowed to form business alliances with people they met, liked, knew and trusted.

Now chaired by Richard Peckham, there are over 700 businesses on our Business Builders LinkedIn Group and more than 500 on the Business Builders Facebook Group with typically over 30 attending every meeting. It makes for a truly dynamic meeting with an opportunity for everyone to pitch their businesses, enjoy open networking over a hearty meal and regular relevant presentations from our guest speakers.

Details of all our meetings are included in our Events section.

Business Builders is not like other networking groups, it has become more of a business community. If you haven’t tried it you should – you won’t regret it !

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Carry on networking…

Remember that you can use our Facebook and LinkedIn groups to continue your networking with the other Business Builders Associates all through the week between meetings. Take a look now and see what is happening, just click on the buttons.

Business Builders Group on Facebook
Business Builders Group on LinkedIn
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